Our luxury boarding facility offers suites of different sizes to best accommodate your dog, all surrounded by our very own “indoor park” environment to make your dog feel like every day spent at AHI is park day. In addition to standard yard times and a goodnight treat for your pooch, we also offer services as varied as watched playtimes, nature walks, Kong treats, ice cream, breakfast in bed, and relaxing massages from our certified on-staff canine massage therapist, all to pamper your pet and rival the comforts of home.


Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket - Image
Cats are independent creatures, but even the most autonomous of felines will miss their humans (not owners, because you can never really “own” a cat) and their home when you’re gone. That’s why our cat boarding accommodations are in a private area tucked away from their canine enemies, and feature natural lighting, multiple-condos, and options for them to cuddle, play with a toy, get exercise, or enjoy some catnip.

Avian and Exotics

The grey parrot Psittacus erithacus, also known as the Congo grey parrot or African grey parrot, is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. - Image
Avian and exotic pets need a safe, comfortable place to stay when their owners are gone just like cats and dogs do. That’s why we’ve designated areas for both birds and other exotics (including reptiles and pocket pets) to stay and enjoy the same luxuries that their dog and cat counterparts receive. We offer botanical hay, western Timothy stacks, Timothy bungalows, and a variety of important supplements to make sure that while you’re away, your birds and exotic pets are given the special care they deserve.

Medical Boarding

You can feel comfortable leaving your special needs pet in our expert care. We monitor our special needs boarders with medical conditions like diabetes or kidney disease even more closely than our regular boarders to ensure that they receive the same care and attention that you give them at home.

Remote Access

Leaving your pet is difficult. Not only do you miss them, but you also worry about how they’re doing, if they’re getting enough attention, and how they’re adjusting to you being away. We try to alleviate some of this pressure and help you better enjoy your time away by offering live remote access DVR in our canine boarding suites. You can access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere, at any time. So watch Fido chase his tail with the comfort of knowing that when you board your pet with us, your best friend is in the best hands.