Daytime Urgent Care

We are one of a few facilities that can accept most urgent medical conditions during the day. Our experienced staff is well-trained to deal with urgent care cases, and will ensure that your pet, whether they’re coming in for urgent care or not, will receive our utmost attention.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is crucial in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Your pet should have a comprehensive physical examination at least annually, but preferably every six months. This is even more important for very young and aging animals.

When you bring your animal in for an exam, we will do a thorough evaluation of every potential trouble point that they may have, including the following: ears, eyes, nose, lymph nodes, nervous system, heart, lungs, palpitation of the abdomen, skin and nail evaluation, body condition scoring, and to finish, a further assessment of any pain that may be troubling your animal.

For more detailed information on what you can expect from our comprehensive physical examination, see our ESSENTIAL PREVENTATIVE recommendations page.


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Animal Hospital Inc. has a dedicated team of staff and technicians that have been specially trained to ensure that if your pet requires surgery, your check-in will be a breeze.

During surgery, your pet will receive the best care possible, including pain-management and the administration and monitoring of anesthesia, just like how their human counterparts are treated.

To even further comfort you and your pet, we can administer a surgical laser during the procedure (when appropriate) that helps us reduce pain, bleeding, and speed up recovery, so that your pet can be back on their paws in no time.


Just like with humans, medication is administered to render the patient completely unconscious for a procedure. When anesthesia is used, we take many precautionary measures to ensure that your pet will be ready, which is why we require a recent physical exam and blood work to ensure that your pet’s organs are functioning well enough to process the anesthesia.

Throughout the procedure we monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and body temperature on all anesthetized patients, both for the safety of your pet and for your peace of mind.


Teeth are something that many pet owners don’t think about often when considering the care of their pet, but a healthy mouth is important in preventing painful and debilitating dental disease. Our doctors evaluate the mouth of your pet during examinations and can recommend a treatment plan including home care and, if necessary, a dental cleaning in our office.

Our dedicated surgery team preforms full mouth X-ray to detect the underlying problem, and then will perform the dental cleaning and polishing with doctors performing any needed extractions.


We have two convenient ways to request refills of your pet’s medications:
Each prescription must be approved by a doctor (and your pet has to have been seen by us in the past year) so please allow us a 24-48 hours to get them ready for you.
For even more convenience, we have an ONLINE PHARMACY that can save you money without ever leaving the comfort of home.

We Love Cats

Our practice has embraced a new culture, approach, and attitude towards improving the care delivered to cats. All of our doctors and a majority of our team is Fear Free Certified and continually educated to keep them up-to-date on changes in feline medicine, surgery, and all aspects of cat care. We’ve even changed our facility to further establish our cat friendliness.

We know that taking your cat outside of his or her comfort zone can often be a trying experience for both of you, but we’re trying to change that, one feline friend at a time.

MLS Laser Therapy

We’re pleased to offer this proven effective, pain-free treatment option for our clients that want to ease their pet’s pain and inflammation. This comfortable and safe therapeutic technique uses specific wavelengths of light to quickly reduce swelling and inflammation. Although all patients vary, we’ve seen great results using the laser on pets with arthritis pain, hip dysplasia, tendonitis, wounds, disc disease, and more.


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Diagnostics are procedures that help our veterinarians check the health of your pet beyond what we can see with the naked eye during a physical examination. We offer digital X-rays, ultrasound, urinalysis, blood testing, EKGs, cytology, a therapy laser, blood pressure testing, and more.

Nutrition Center

We offer Royal Canin at our facility. Other prescription diets are available through our online store. To make your life even easier, you can purchase food through our online store and tailor it to ship based on your pet’s feeding schedule so you’ll never run out.

Canine Massage Therapy

Kitten Stapel is our certified, on-staff canine massage therapist. Massage can increase blood flow and circulation, strengthen your pet’s muscles, assist in restoring flexibility, and much more.