Important Update

It is with great relief that we are announcing our ability to resume scheduling of wellness exams, elective surgical procedures and our spa services.

Grooming appointments will follow the same curbside protocols that have previously been established for our medical facility.

We have temporarily extended a grace period for vaccines typically required for grooming visits. Any pets that are past due, by no more than 60 days, may be scheduled to be groomed. Our resort staff will work with you to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to have overdue vaccines updated.

The support that we have received from our staff and community through countless protocol changes, service restrictions, and shift adjustments has been heartwarming. We are working tirelessly to ensure we keep everyone safe and maintain our ability to provide the best care. In order to transition back into all services safely, was have decided to remain a client-free facility. This is a difficult decision because we miss you all!

Some differences you can expect when bringing your pet for care:

  • You will be asked to call a separate line to check in from your car.
  • We will ask you silly questions, like your best contact number and what kind of car you drive.
  • Your veterinarian’s assistant will call you and discuss your pet’s medical history and current needs before the appointment.
  • An assistant will come to your car to bring your pet inside for their exam. Don’t worry they are still being greeted with love by all our staff as they make their way through the clinic!
  • Your appointment will be scheduled for 40 or 60 minutes. Additional travel and phone call time- we are getting our steps in!
  • Once your appointment is completed your veterinarian will review their examination and treatment plan.
  • Your pet’s services will be completed, and payment will be collected over the phone via credit card.

Our mission at Animal Hospital Inc. has always been to provide excellent customer service and gold standard care for our community and their beloved pets. We are adjusting every day to our new normal and researching programs available to improve our means of communicating and supporting you. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, but we are in this together and will emerge stronger and more connected than ever.